Parenting Education Endorsements

From Families, Organizations, and Professionals

Just Families Endorsements

“Ms. Jones was one of our strongest Fellows in the Infant-Parent Mental Health 2014-2015, a two-year program which brings luminaries in the field of infant mental health to an interdisciplinary group of Fellows from around the world.”

“Ms. Jones contributed her keen intellect, her deep clinical expertise working with families as a parent educator, and her warm personality throughout the program.  Her insights were always illuminating, connecting theory to practice, consistently demonstrating her passion for supporting early family relationships.  Moreover, Ms. Jones demonstrated clinical insights and sensitivity equal to and often exceeding that of other doctoral level participants.”

Drs. Richardson and Tronick, MA

“I have known Stephanie for over 15 years and can highly recommend her for any endeavor. She was employed with North Carolina Cooperative Extension while I was an Extension Specialist for Child Development. She was admitted to our graduate program in Family Life and Parenting Education and was the first graduate of the program; and an outstanding student. After graduation, we convinced her to stay on as a teaching assistant.”

“I trust her knowledge, judgment, and ability to write, communicate, and develop proposals. She has taken on many leadership roles in North Carolina and continues to be a factor in advancing the field of Parenting Education as she has served as President of the National Parenting Education Network (NPEN).”

Dr. Karen DeBord, VA

“…I have met many psychiatrists, psychologists and other mental health professionals in my years in practice.  But I can say that while each of them has their appropriate area of expertise, I have met none that exceeds Stephanie in regard to many qualities.  She appreciates what is normal and abnormal emotional growth and development, she fully understands how family systems work, she is one of the most self-aware human beings I have ever known, she is compassionate, caring, a skilled interviewer and, most important, a loving mother of four lovely children.

There is increasing talk in health care about the patient-centered medical home as one of the important health systems of the future.  If I had the opportunity to be involved in directing such a model institution, I would want Stephanie at my side, both to be able to teach her and, in turn, to also be taught by her and reassure me I was doing a good job.”

Dr. Howard S. King, MA