Parenting Education & Support

What Is Parenting Education?

Parenting education is a process of providing knowledge and skills that parents need to fulfill their role. Parents learn how to establish and maintain a close, nurturing, emotional bond with their children and to foster healthy cognitive, physical and social/emotional development in their children, teaching the information and skills that children need to thrive. Parenting education aims to help parents develop confidence and competence in their parenting role.

Parenting education can be delivered in a variety of modalities including in-person classes and workshops, online formats, individual counseling and coaching, facilitated groups, home visiting, or books/blogs/newsletters/magazines/websites written by qualified professionals.


Parenting Education and Support Services

FNC’s parenting education and support services are tailored to each family/group and designed to meet people where they are so they can achieve their desired goals.  Stephanie combines her knowledge of developmental theories and science with her desire to help families flourish.

In-person*, online, by phone, email, and text messaging

– Individual, Couple, and Family Sessions

– Education and Support for Separated or Divorcing Parents, including Guidance in Developing Effective Co-parenting Plans 

JFNC offers the Families and Children in Transition program (F.A.C.T.) for parents who are separating or divorcing. F.A.C.T. is a 4-hour program that focuses on helping parents put children first and successfully co-parent. Stephanie is a co-creator of the F.A.C.T. program which was developed by NC State in collaboration with the NC Administrative Office of the Courts.

Completion of this course satisfies most court orders for parenting education when child custody is in question. Once you complete the course, you will receive a certificate.

– Customized Individual and Group Parenting Sessions-Parenting topics include, but are not limited to: creating safe spaces, providing structure and daily routines, safe and sound sleep, smoothing transitions, promoting school success, ending whining and tantrums, enjoying fun and creative playtime, promoting peaceful mealtimes and pleasant feedings, putting bedtime battles to rest, toileting made simple, taking chores to task, making rules you can live with, getting to know and enjoying your child, being a good enough parent, de-stressing your life, getting back on track, and more.

Packages available:

Welcome to Parenthood! – 4 one hour visits and 4 personal contacts online, by email, phone or text. (One visit before birth, and 3 after birth-1 can be in the hospital.) *Great gift! Includes a FREE copy of one of the following fantastic resources:

– “Your Baby is speaking to You: A Visual Guide to the Amazing Behaviors of Your Newborn and Growing Baby” by Kevin Nugent
– Zero to Five: 70 Essential Parenting Tips Based on Science (and What I’ve Learned so Far) by Tracy Cutchlow

Services conveniently provided at your home, office, business, or in the community!

Initial consultation is COMPLIMENTARY. * Please contact Stephanie for service fees.

Insurance does not reimburse for JFNC’s services; you must pay for all services. An income-based sliding fee pay scale is available for those who qualify. Documentation of annual income is required to qualify.

*Travel expenses apply if service location is more than 25 miles roundtrip. Mileage reimbursement rate is .58/mile. If location is beyond 100 miles, travel expenses will be negotiated on a case by case basis.

Parenting Education and Support Services
Reflective Supervision and Professional Development